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Chanda J Davis, M.S., CCC-SLP
Owner of Milestones Pediatric Therapy Services, PLLC (Spokane, WA)

Our Clients Say It Best:

"The first time my grandson got on the Swring, I knew it was worth every penny. Rylan is blind and autistic, so it is hard to find fun things for him to do. He loves the Swring as does his brother, and all the neighbor kids."

Dixie Green, Grandmother, (Spokane Valley, WA)

"I have used, and have wholeheartedly endorsed the Swring since it was introduced nearly four years ago. The Swring is produced locally and I am delighted it is finding its way into clinics for children with autism all across the U.S. and Canada."

Holly Lytle, Executive Director, The Isaac Foundation (Spokane WA)


"As an occupational therapist of 15 years’ experience, I have found a powerful tool in using the Swring as a therapeutic means of addressing and improving vestibular-based movement challenges, balance, postural instability issues, sensory regulation challenges, and communication challenges in working with pediatric clientele.  The Swring is a powerful treatment tool, and with ongoing well communicated collaboration between caregivers and their occupational therapist the Swring can be a crucial element of a home program...

  1. To facilitate 3-dimensional weight shifts and transitional movements by having the child lie prone on the bottom platform.
  2. Build antigravity postural alignment and control by utilizing the bottom platform and having the child stand with feet spread as the Swring revolves.
  3. Promote deep proprioceptive stretch of core stabilizing muscles and joints by having the child hold to the ropes at shoulder level and stand straight as Swring spins.
  4. Enhance body position-in-space awareness by sitting on rings while seeing or feeling presence of another on opposite side.
  5. Improving balance and equilibrium during swinging and spinning motions.
  6. Improving coordination - all Swring movements
  7. Improving motor planning; initiating, sequencing and sustaining purposeful movements by propelling Swring.
  8. Improving social referencing (social pacing, turn taking, waiting, inhibition impulses and communication with and learning from caregivers."

Kathryn Matsubuchi, OTR/L, (Spokane, WA)


"When I first saw the Swring I knew it was something we just had to get for our clinic. I have not been disappointed, as it combines three types of swings which we use continually, all into one. The kids can spin, rotate, climb, and swing back and forth all on the Swring.

Many of the kids we see are on the autism spectrum so I wasn’t surprised they liked it so much, but what I wasn’t expecting was how much it helped the kids with their imaginative play. We often get two or three kids at a time on the Swring and it becomes a “rocket ship” and they become “astronauts”. At one session it became a “valentine maker” which was very cool, and in another, they were Jack and the Beanstalk.

I just can’t tell you how much we love having this single piece of equipment in our clinic. The kids get to look back and forth as they ride it and they soon get used to playing in close contact with others. I absolutely hands down endorse the Swring for use in occupational therapy, physical therapy and pediatric therapy in general.

What’s important is the kids love this amazing piece of equipment and come running back to the rooms where Swrings are. It has made therapy much more fun and productive. We now have three Swrings in our clinic."             

Chanda J Davis, M.S., CCC-SLP

Owner of Milestones Pediatric Therapy Services, PLLC (Spokane, WA)

"We bought our first Swring about three years ago after seeing how much Cameron loved it at his clinic. Since then we have purchased a second Swring for our family. Cameron is doing fine and loves his Swrings. They are holding up just fine. We want to add a frame to his outdoor swing set so we can put one of the Swrings outside and give him more room.  Thanks for everything."

Julie Bradford Bush (Spokane Valley, WA)

"We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the excellent customer service we have received from your company. As a school based occupational therapist, I can vouch for the benefits of the Swring. The multidimensional actions (spin, rotate and swing) are perfect movements that can help settle the nervous system of the most unorganized, sensory seeking child. The vertical point spin and the wide 360 arc can be combined for those that crave more vestibular input, or separated and tailored to children who like or need a slower rhythmic swing motion. We love our Swrings! Our students benefit daily from your product. Thank you again for inventing this wonderful toy that is so therapeutic and fun."

Laura Hamilton, OTR (Spokane, WA)

"This is to express our appreciation for the Swrings which have become a central part to the children's outside playtime here at Villa Vista. Ever since we purchased them the children were immediately more enthusiastic about going outside and many go directly to them at recess. We purchased them for their soothing properties that are helpful to some students who have difficulty remaining focused or calm. Now that we have them, we can definitely attest tat we are more than happy with the results and both our staff and students can vouch for their entertainment qualities, as it is obviously most of the students’ favorite toy. Again we would like to thank you for your kindness, and attention to our satisfaction. We are more than happy with your product and overall company manner."

  Fanny Hanson, Owner, Villa Vista Language Center (Spokane, WA)



The SwRing has had an impact of so many childrens lives.  Now that you have from heard from a few of our satisfied clients, let us know if you have any questions.  CONTACT US , and let us know if there is anything we can answer about our made in the USA product.  Shopping for the SwRing is easy.  Simply click on SwRing Store.





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