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Book - "All About SwRings"

All About SwRings, by Emory Clark

All About Swrings” an excert from chapter  one, “The Swring Takes on Autism”.

The Swring team endeavors to monitor our customers’ use of each Swring we ship and gather comments and testimonials so this information may result in Swrings reaching as many children as possible.

We are committed to providing our products to therapy centers, special classrooms, elementary schools, preschools and parents whose intent it is to secure quality play equipment. 

Occupational therapists, teachers, and parents report exciting changes and improvements in their children’s attitudes, moods, and interest levels after riding the Swring for a very short time. (sometimes a matter of minutes).

Swrings typically produce spontaneous smile and laughs,  and as time goes on, the daily Swring riding schedule causes children to anticipate the experience with eagerness and express outright joy and happiness the minute they are moving.

You will see much evidence of this on our testimonial page, and many more observations as well.

The child’s balance improves, which is easy to notice because the child walks straighter and has better posture.

Medical and psychological journals frequently discuss the importance of neural pathways and brain plasticity as more pathways are created.  We believe the Swring’s powerful appeal (its good looks) and the many sensory loaded sensations a child experiences, stimulate and cultivate neural activity and ultimately grow the pathways deeper and deeper as Swring activity continues. (and that’s a very good thing for children with autism or for any child)

As word began to get out around Spokane about fascinating observations with children on the autism spectrum, a mom brought her eight year old son to our Swring exhibit at the interstate fair.  The little boy was clinging to his mom and waving his hand  like crazy but I noticed his eyes were following every movement the Swring made.  When it was his turn to get on, he raised his arms up so his mom and I could place him on the big ring.   He was soon making happy sounds and smiling and after ten minutes or so of fast circles and spins he got off, gave me a high five, (I have witnesses)  and went walking off. (straight I might add)  His mom was wiping her eyes as she told me she and her husband had finally agreed on starting the boy in therapy and now she knew the clinic of choice was the one using Swrings in their therapy program.

Communication skills and self motivation grows over a longer period of time and  social skills cannot help but improve.  The child is rewarded when another peer shares the Swring because two, three or even four children riding at a time make the movements more dramatic, more endearing and more desirable.

Occupational Therapists invariably note a new level of creativity they’ve never seen before.   Kids say the most beautifully refreshing things about the Swring experience such as “Look this is a snow flake maker!” or “I’m Jack in the beanstalk!” and “this is my rocket ship!”

Doctor Lyndon Smith, Child Psychiatrist, who was one of the first professionals to endorse the Swring (and who has since passed away) stated the Swring develops “laterality” which is to balance the hemispheres of the brain. (“kind of like riding a gyroscope”, he said. He was certain it would also help children read better.

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