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Autism Resources

The SwRing was discovered by occupational therapists as a powerful resource tool for their work with children on the autism spectrum.  Our mission is to make Swrings available to every child that needs one.

Need for a SwRing

Children coping with autism may be puzzling, but they are still kids and their desire for enjoyment should not be understated. Play is an essential part of learning and growing and the SwRing, in addition to its proven therapeutic value, is also tons of fun and makes children smile, laugh, communicate, share and come out of their shells. There is more to life than therapy.

How It Works

As a child rides on the SwRing and experiences its floating circular motion, the sensation is similar to riding a gyroscope. The medical community agree that these movements stimulate and support…

  • Vestibular Development
  • Parkour Balance
  • Coordination
  • Calming and Comfort
  • Social Development
  • An Increased desire to play
  • Reduced Stimming

Multiple riders are encouraged. Most models hold 500lbs. Therapists often ride with the children. How great is that?


"All About SwRings", by Emory Clark - Autism research advocate and President of the SwRing Company

  • Demonstrates how the SwRing is being used in the medical community.  He conveys how the SwRing can help combat the symptoms of autism andother irrepressible conditions that impact our children. 
  • Click Here to learn more about the book!  swring-book.jpg
National Autism Resources http://www.nationalautismresources.com/


Northwest Autism Center http://www.nwautism.org/  
Autism Now http://autismnow.org/  
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Autism Speaks http://www.autismspeaks.org/  

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