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About Us

About The Swring Company

We say "EVERY KID NEEDS A SWRING" because it's true and our goal, plain and simple, is make it happen.  Before 2010 Swrings were sold for playgrounds and playrooms but then occupational therapist discovered it is a powerful resource tool for their work with children on the autism spectrum. So... our work has doubled but our rewards have tripled!   

Need for a Swring

Children with autism may be puzzling, but they're kids and they need to play, which helps them learn. The Swring is tons of fun and makes them laugh, communicate, share and come out of their shells.  There is more to life than therapy. 

They usually have difficulties with balance and body orientation, core muscle development, and joint positioning.  The Swring rotates and spins much like a gyroscope, helping the children get in touch with gravity and helping body parts (like knees) talk to other body parts (like shoulders).

One really exciting outcome for many kids is that for the first time they enjoy playing in close contact with other kids.  Why?  The Swring works better when 2,3 or 4 kids are on it, so they are rewarded for "learning" to tolerate being right next to each other. Makes sense!

Another biggy is creativity with teacher after teacher reporting gains by leaps and bounds in unusual clever and thoughtful things the kids say while riding.  One child said the Swring was her 'valentine maker' and another loved to ride the upper ring imagining she was causing snow flakes to fall.  And on it goes as new levels of sensations never before dreamed of become daily classroom adventures.



The Swring promotes healthy, active play for a kid's growing body. Occupational therapists say the Swring improves vesibular awareness, balance and core strength. They note that kids are thinking better, calmer, more organized and have better target accuracy. Also, creative play ideas can emerge during use of the Swring such as astronauts flying in space ships and acting like"Jack in the Beanstalk". With the SwRing, healthy active play happens everyday.

Tons of Fun

Back yards and play areas become tons of fun the minute a Swring is installed. Everyone knows it's fun to swing, but swinging is boring compared to Swringing. Playground swings just go back and forth while a Swring spins and revolves with four layers of rings to sit or stand on. It moves around and around in big circles, and also spins in smaller circles at the same time! Swrings safely hold, up to four, even five spinning, swinging kids at once! Sound like fun? It's tons of fun! We like to say it is part merry-go-round and part swing but it is really way more than that. It can also be used as monkey bars for climbing, or as an outdoor gym by children at play! It is also a wonderful indoor toy, easily installed in a normal sized room. A SWRING is incredible! It is ton of fun!



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